Be interesting

Be interesting. This one shouldn’t be too hard, but for some people it is.

Story time

I once asked a friend, “How was your weekend?” He replied, “Good.” I continued the speedy momentum of the conversation with the follow-up question of “So what did you get up to?” To which he replied “Nothing.” The conversation ended.

First do something interesting

Do something interesting with your time. Not just so you can tell other people about it but because you should enjoy your life and be interested in what you are doing. Even doing something alone at home, like playing on your computer, could be considered interesting if you are interested in doing it.

If you have various different activities which you are interested in then when you do meet someone you with whom you want to share your time with, you will already have something you can share with them.

Then be prepared to answer the question

Be prepared with at least 3 key points to answer the question “What have you been up to?”

Even if those 3 points are something like:

  • I had an awesome breakfast;
  • I watched my favourite morning TV show; and
  • I listened to a new song on the radio on the way to work.

Any answer is better than none. If you are engaged in the conversation and interested in your own life then describing things like your awesome breakfast will be a much better conversation than saying “Nothing”. You never know, the person you are talking to could ask for more details or you could keep the theme going and ask the other person: “What did you have?” or “What is your favourite breakfast?” or “What was the best breakfast you have ever ha in your whole life?”


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