Pre Pregnancy

Question 1 – Do you really want to be a parent?

This may seem a silly question but whoever is going to bring a new person into existence and then become a parent really needs to want do it. You owe it to your child, you owe it to your partner, but you also really owe it to yourself to really consider and commit to being a parent

Another good question to ask is why do you want to be a parent?

Question 2 – Have you got that other “thing” out of your system?

Have you jumped out of a plane? Have you traveled to far distance land and danced naked in the rain?

You can still do lots of crazy things when you have children but the experience is always very different.

For example when you undertake risky activities, such as knife juggling you will not just be risking your own life, but you will also be risking the future of your family. Even if you continue to eat fire sticks and nothing bad happens, your outlook on life may change and you will likely think about the activities and consequences differently. You may become less of a risk taker.

A good activity to consider is holidays and adventures. Holidays with children entail work and a completely different schedule of activities. If you holiday without your children then you may miss them or at least think about them somewhere in the back of your mind.

Question 3 – Are you fit and healthy

Being healthy physically and mentally will help with getting pregnant and dealing with the roller coaster that is pregnancy and parenting. Do you and your partner exercise or walk together?

Question 4 – Is your house in order

You don’t want to be doing major renovations which may involve paint fumes and stress. The pregnant person will definitely not want to be moving furniture. I would recommend creating for a calm happy house that you can call a home.