Drink to hydrate

When you were born one of the first things you probably did was to have a drink. If you weren’t drinking the doctors and nurses probably did some fancy medical type procedure to make sure you were hydrated. When my son was born we spent the first few days feeding him with a syringe to make sure he was drinking.

When you are dehydrated your urine, “Number ones”, wee or what ever you call it, may become cloudy or even sting. Your may not be able to pee much or even at all if you are really dehydrated.

When you get sick traditional advice is to have “fluids and rest.” Headaches, dizziness and feeling faint can all be signs that you are already dehydrated. If you get really dehydrated you could get really sick, and in extreme situations you could even die!

So drink water regularly, drink more when you are thirsty, and drink when you exercise.

To the point

  • First thing in the morning break the drought of sleep by drinking a good glass of water. A good idea is to have a glass or bottle ready for when you wake up.
  • Get and use a drink container which is good for travelling.
  • Ensure you have access to lots of water during the day, and especially when exercising
  • Before, during, and after you consume alcohol make sure you are well hydrated by drinking water. Water assists with reducing the pain of hangovers.



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