Becoming a Parent

Becoming a parent is the probably the most amazing, overwhelming and life changing things you ever do.

Going home for the first time with  your new baby

  • Relish the moment and celebrate the milestone with a big smile
  • Trust that you will be able to deal with what ever comes at you
  • Know that you can call friends, family and professionals at any time
  • If driving from somewhere like a hospital remember to put your baby’s seatbelt on.

The first 4 weeks – Survive!

  • Tell your baby that you love them even when they scream in your face.
  • Sleep whenever the baby sleeps
  • Breastfeed or don’t. Do whatever works. Just make sure mum and baby stay physically and mentally happy.
  • Learn how to swaddle!
  • Do call friends, family and professionals at any time. Loads of people have done this before so ask for advice.
  • Ask for food and help. People close to you will want to cook, clean and help any way they can. Let them.

The first 3 months

  • Same as the first 4 weeks but with more sleep and sanity
  • Take lots of photos. Write down your thoughts and treasured memories.
  • Go out. It will be ok.
  • Talk to other adults and socialise.

The first year

  • Cuddles, Kisses, Smiles and Love
  • Sing, Talk and Play.
  • Watch them grow it will go fast.
  • Have a great first birthday party. We all know that it is really for the parents to celebrate that they made it! Enjoy.

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