Design and Technologies – Foundation Year

To the point

  • Ask questions related to design:
    • ‘How does it work?’
    • ‘What can you use it for?’
  • draw and model things seen

The long bit with all the background detail

Learning in Design and Technologies builds on concepts, skills and processes providing children with opportunities to experience designing and producing products, services and environments. Children explore and investigate technologies − materials, systems, components, tools and equipment − including their purpose and how they meet personal and social needs within local settings.

Children describe the purpose of familiar products, services and environments and how they meet the needs of users and affect others and environments. They identify the features and uses of some technologies for each of the prescribed technologies contexts.

Children develop an understanding of how society and environmental sustainability factors influence design and technologies decisions. Children develop new perspectives, and engage in different forms of evaluating and critiquing products, services and environments based on personal preferences. Children evaluate designed solutions using questions such as:

  • ‘How does it work?’
  • ‘What purpose does it meet?’
  • ‘Who will use it?’
  • ‘What do I like about it?’
  • ‘How can it be improved?’

Using a range of technologies including a variety of graphical representation techniques to communicate,

  • draw, model and explain design ideas;
  • label drawings;
  • draw objects as two-dimensional images from different views;
  • draw products and simple environments and verbalise design ideas.



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