Topic Some of the questions I asked and lessons I learned Helpful Links
Don’t Panic Be calm for everyone involved

This next link has nothing to do with pregnancy but is just a good reference about not panicking’s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy

Get Knowledge Read aloud together so you know the same stuff. It can also be some good together time.

Read something fun and positive

Don’t get too technical or read things that scare you. Leave that for the doctors to worry about.

Food What should pregnant ladies eat or not eat?

Don’t eat things your partner craves but can’t eat!

Baby moon Pregnancy is a great excuse to have a last holiday as a couple before the baby arrives.
Exercise and health What is a pelvic floor? I still don’t really know.

Who knew it would be tricky for a pregnant lady to go to the dentist?

Exercise and be healthy together

Health Insurance There are some waiting periods so check this early.
Get Ready at home Stock pile food for when you are sleep deprived. Yes oh yes. You will be sleep deprived and you will be so happy to reheat a frozen lasagne and then go back to bed.