Health and Physical Education – Foundation Year

To the point

  • Active play – move in different speeds and directions
  • Body – Name parts of the body.  Describe how their body is growing
  • Communicating and interacting for health and well being – name trusted people in their community
  • Demonstrate how to move and play safely – Follow rules when participating in physical activities
  • Emotions – Describe different emotions
  • Food – group foods into ‘eat always’ and ‘eat sometimes’

The long bit with all the background detail

The Foundation Year curriculum provides the basis for developing knowledge, understanding and skills for students to lead healthy, safe and active lives.

The Foundation curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn through movement. The content enables students to develop and practice fundamental movement skills through active play and structured movement activities.

Focus areas to be addressed in Foundation include:

  • safe use of medicines
  • food and nutrition
  • health benefits of physical activity
  • mental health and well being
  • relationships
  • safety
  • active play and minor games
  • fundamental movement skills
  • rhythmic and expressive movement activities