Besides the mechanics of what goes where and who does what I think I will need to provide my kids with a healthy perspective on sex. Here are some of my thoughts.

Key concepts

  • Sex is awesome and fun!
  • It should be a shared experience – It is not something you get, take or give. It is not something that happens to you.
  • Never barter sex – Once you swap sex for anything it is not something shared, but something bought. Using sex as a reward also tarnishes your relationship and the part that sex plays in it.
  • Sex should be an escalation of intimacy rather than a goal. – If you focus on “achieving” the goal of having sex then you are likely to be focusing on the wrong thing and the person you are with will notice.
  • Focus on fun, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Some warnings about sex

  • Sex can lead to dancing
  • Sex can lead to relationships and
  • Sex can lead to pregnancy, babies, and becoming a parent … A parent who has to think about what to teach their kid about sex.

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