Earth and Space Sciences

The Australian Curriculum uses the following interrelated strands and sub-strands in relation to Science. It suggests that the three strands should be taught in an integrated way.

  • Science Understanding
    • Biological sciences
    • Chemical sciences
    • Earth and space sciences
    • Physical sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour
    • Nature and development of science
    • Use and influence of science
  • Science Inquiry Skills
    • Questioning and predicting
    • Planning and conducting
    • Processing and analysing data and information
    • Evaluating
    • Communicating

Yearly Standards – Check out ideas for helping kids meet the achievement standards for each year of schooling .

Combination – I love the idea of combining subjects and doing two things at once, like singing the ABC song to learn the alphabet. Check out the combination ideas.

Science – Fun Resources – Here are some fun resources which I have made or used



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